Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing and cleaning ..........

I just realized I haven't posted in two weeks. My apologies. We've been busy playing with our toys and having fun. I've read several books on my Nook and Mollie Ann has spread her toys throughout the house.


Our weather has improved and it feels like spring is not far away. We actually had temperatures in the mid 70s the other day. The warmer weather has energized me and I've been doing some cleaning. It's so nice to be able to put sheets and quilts on the line to dry in the fresh breeze.


I've even gotten outside to work in the yard and garden a few times. Most things are still brown and dead looking, but if you look closely you can see some signs of new life.


Spring is on it's way.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back home .......

I got back home late last night. My sister and I took a trip to High Point, North Carolina last week. My youngest nephew is a sophomore at High Point University. Last weekend was their winter family weekend event. My brother-in-law is a minister, so Sundays are his main workday and he was unable to attend. Sis asked if I'd go with her. She wanted to check out some of the many furniture outlets in High Point while we were there. We saw some nice furniture, but didn't buy anything. It was fun to look though.

The University provided lots of entertainment for the weekend. We went to a concert by Eddie From Ohio on Friday. I had never heard of them, but they put on a good show. The group is from Virginia and consists of four members (I don't know where Ohio in their name came from). Their music is part country, part folk.

Saturday afternoon we attended a beautiful choral concert put on by The University Singers, Chapel Choir, and Chamber Singers. My nephew sang with the Chamber Singers. He is a talented singer and will be singing with his group at Carnegie Hall in March.

On Saturday evening we attended a magic show put on by Ryan Oakes. We were sitting in the second row and had a good view of the stage and what he was doing, but were unable to determine how he did the tricks.

The weather was cold and damp most of the time. I took a few pictures yesterday before we left. High Point University is a fast growing school and has a beautiful campus.


The University Center


Nido R. Qubein School of Communication


Plato S Wilson School of Commerce (Notice the statues on the benches)


There are many water features surrounded by green areas through out the campus.


These 16 foot rocking chairs are called the Dream Big Chairs. They encourage the students to have big dreams and to set high goals.


Lifelike statues of famous people can be found on benches all over campus. Here Thomas Jefferson takes a break to read.


Mark Twain enjoys a pipe while relaxing


You can join Gandhi on his bench.

If you are ever in High Point, take a quick tour of the campus. You will be impressed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monster storm ..........

I've been watching the weather reports on TV. Seems like almost one third of the US is getting a huge snow or sleet storm. Winter just won't quit this year. Record snow fall, gale force winds, and dangerous ice is being predicted for various areas.

So how is my weather? We had sun today with temperatures in the 50s. Rain is predicted for tonight with temperatures in the mid 40s. Tomorrow, the temperature is suppose to get up near 70! How did we get so lucky? The only problem is that tomorrow the groundhog will probably see his shadow here in Southside Virginia. I'm hoping for an early spring, not six more weeks of winter.

Last Saturday was my birthday - my 64th. It was a very quiet and routine day. I had to remind Hubby that it was my birthday. He responded that he thought it was Sunday instead of Saturday. Sunday morning I got a card from him with a cash gift. It's a good thing I don't expect him to be a romantic. If I hadn't practically demanded a card, I wouldn't have gotten a thing. But in all fairness, I usually don't make a big fuss over his birthday.

If you're in the path of this storm, stay warm and safe. And remember, spring will get here - eventually.