Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Pleasures # 9 - Ice Cream ....................

A cold and delicious bowl of ice cream really hits the spot on a hot summer afternoon. Can't you just taste that sweetness as it melts in your mouth? My favorite flavor this summer has been Turkey Hill's Banana Split. I will get a small bowl and eat it slowly so I can savor each spoonful. I usually don't eat ice cream during the colder months, preferring something hot instead. But as long as the days are warm, I will enjoy that bowl of delicious refreshment - one of the pleasures of summer. What is your favorite flavor?


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cutting grass .............

I enjoy yard work. I like getting outside in the the fresh air and sun. I enjoy working hard and seeing the results of my labors. But quite frankly, I am tired of cutting grass! When I retired from banking a few years back, I told my husband that I would take over the yard work so our weekends would be free to enjoy. So for the last five years, I have been the main operator of the riding mower.

In March, I have to get the mower out and start cutting. It takes me about 3 1/2 hours to get the yard cut - that's without stopping for a break or drink of water. Since March I have cut the grass at least every 7 days and as often as every 4 days - depending on the rain we've had. I've cut in the blazing sun and when the humidity has been near 100%. Since there are areas of the yard that are mostly dirt, I can stir up a lot of dust with the mower. When I finish cutting, I am covered with dirt, dust, grass, and sweat. I almost hate to walk through the house to the shower.

Every year around this time, I get really tired of cutting grass. It gets to be more of a chore every week. For the last couple of months I've had to cut one day and go back over the yard the next day to bag the clippings. We've had more rain than usual this summer and the grass has gotten thick. If I leave the clippings, it makes it difficult to get the mower through both the clippings and new grass the next week. I cut yesterday, so today I go back over the yard and bag the clippings. And to think I won't stop cutting grass until December. And then there will be all the leaves to get up in the fall. Think I'll go take a nap!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bats in the belfry ...............

Maggie May

Mazie Grace

I didn't realize it had been a week since I posted, I apologize. My brother was here for the weekend, Monday I had to sit with my Dad all day, and yesterday my sister and her family were here to visit. So, I've had some enjoyable time with family. Today, I'm trying to get caught up on work around the house and blog reading.
Last Thursday morning at 6:30 AM I got a phone call from the aide who was sitting with my Dad. A bat had gotten in the house during the night. It had gone in the livingroom, so she had closed the doors to that area. She was quite upset and had actually called the sheriff's department to see if the animal control officer would come and get it out of the house. Of course, they told her that they did not deal with bats and to call an exterminator.
I went to Dad's to see if I could find it. We looked everywhere - on things, in things, and under things. After a couple of hours, I gave up and told her to call me if she happened to see it again. Around dark that night a different aide called and said that it had flown from the livingroom to the corner of the family room. She said she opened the french doors, hoping it would go out. I went back to my Dad's and once again searched but couldn't find it. We left the door open for several hours hoping it would go out. It must have escaped sometime during the night because we haven't seen it again.
Dad has different aides at different times since we get them through an agency. It's really funny how they all have different fears and phobias. Some are afraid of all critters and will call me if they see anything. Then, some are country girls and are used to bugs and things. I respect all life - even bugs, snakes, and other creepy crawlers. I try to capture the offending critters and relocate them away from the house. I then try to assure the frightened aide that they will not return.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Pleasures # 8 - Catching Lightning Bugs ........

Lightning bugs or fireflies are one of the pleasures of the summer season. They are magical - lighting up the sky at dusk.

As a child, what fun it was to run around and catch lightning bugs and put them in a jar. We would then use the jar as a lantern. My older brother would try to explain to me why they glowed, but I knew it was really magic.

Even today, I love to see them in the yard. It brings back all those wonderful childhood memories.

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a heat wave !! .................

It was HOT in Southside Virginia today! This thermometer was on my back deck - that is 99 in the shade. The heat index was 105 - that is what it felt like with the humidity factored in. It was just too hot to be outside. I brought both cats inside so they could sleep in the air conditioning. Mazie Grace went back outside this evening - she just can't stay inside for very long. Poor Hubbie had to work outside today putting in underground. I don't think they should have to work outside in temperatures this high, but no one ever asked for my opinion.

When Hubbie got home we went in the pool for awhile. The water was even warm - up to 85 degrees. We had a big chef salad for supper as it was too hot to do any cooking.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Pleasures # 7 - Ice Tea ..............

I'm a tea lover. I keep a pitcher of ice tea in my refrigerator at all times. I will fill my thermal cup first thing in the morning, then I will keep it full of ice tea and within reach all day long. Nothing seems to quench my thirst like a big glass of tea.

Traditional southern ice tea is super sweet. I don't put sugar in my tea, and I don't like the flavored teas that seem to be popular these days. I prefer plain unsweetened tea. I've been drinking ice tea all my life and it's my beverage of choice all year round.

To make good ice tea, you begin with cold water. As soon as it begins to boil, remove it from the heat and add tea bags (I use two family size for a pitcher). Do not allow the bags to seep more than five minutes or your tea will be bitter. Remove the bags and pour into your pitcher. Add cold water and sugar if you desire. Pour over ice in your glass and enjoy. You now have one of the pleasures of summer!