Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a heat wave !! .................

It was HOT in Southside Virginia today! This thermometer was on my back deck - that is 99 in the shade. The heat index was 105 - that is what it felt like with the humidity factored in. It was just too hot to be outside. I brought both cats inside so they could sleep in the air conditioning. Mazie Grace went back outside this evening - she just can't stay inside for very long. Poor Hubbie had to work outside today putting in underground. I don't think they should have to work outside in temperatures this high, but no one ever asked for my opinion.

When Hubbie got home we went in the pool for awhile. The water was even warm - up to 85 degrees. We had a big chef salad for supper as it was too hot to do any cooking.


Gilly said...

Oh! That is HOT! Here we will be lucky if it reaches 18°C (about 65°F I think) And its raining again!

We have had a bad summer. Again.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that you have a pool! It's been humid here but it's not as hot as your area.

That salad looks yummy!

Kathy said...

Yesterday was steamy, wasn't it?? I went out to water and it was uncomfortable doing even that. Your salad looks yummy.

Amy said...

We're having the same kind of weather in NY! Hot & humid! Swimming or just hanging out in a pool is a good idea in this weather!
We eat a lot of salads in this weather, we add tuna, or ham, cheese & turkey or cook up lots of chicken one morning & add it to a few different salads. As you said, it's too hot to cook.

In this weather I like to sit quietly in the shade with a good book, something cool to drink and relax!