Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Pleasures # 8 - Catching Lightning Bugs ........

Lightning bugs or fireflies are one of the pleasures of the summer season. They are magical - lighting up the sky at dusk.

As a child, what fun it was to run around and catch lightning bugs and put them in a jar. We would then use the jar as a lantern. My older brother would try to explain to me why they glowed, but I knew it was really magic.

Even today, I love to see them in the yard. It brings back all those wonderful childhood memories.


Gilly said...

I adore fireflies! I had never seen them here in England, but we went to Greece in late September once, and they were all along the lanes, shining like little lanterns. I think probably they were there all the time, but in summer it was never dark enough to see them!

It must have been absolutely magical to catch them in a jam jar!

Kathy said...

I loved doing that as a child! And, at night while I slept -- the lightning bugs magically turned into pennies!
Also, we used to make jewelry out of the bugs, but that's kind of gross now that I think of it :).