Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Willie ......


I live outside a small rural Virginia town. Not much ever happens here. We don't even have a proper grocery store. If Dollar General doesn't carry what you want, you drive over ten miles to another town. My home town has gone the way of so many small towns in America. I can remember when I was in school, main street would be a bustling place on Friday afternoons. There were several grocery stores, a couple of drugstores, hardware stores, clothing stores, a 5 and 10, an appliance store, a furniture store, and several car dealers. Today main street is almost empty. People go out of town to shop and for entertainment.

Tomorrow night, people will be coming to our town. Willie Nelson will be giving a concert at Hooper Park. He is a legend in country music. I may not be a huge country music fan, but I can't pass up the opportunity to see him in person. This sleepy little town will be bustling again at least for a night.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Under the dome .......

There must be a dome that covers my little section of the world. It lets in sunlight and heat, but prevents rain from entering. It rains to the west of us, to the north of us, to the east of us, and to the south of us. We see lightning and hear thunder in the distance, but not a drop of rain will fall on us. When we have drought conditions, I'm afraid to use my well for watering outside. As a result my garden has dried up, the yard is covered with dust instead of grass, and several of my shrubs have died.


I was a bit concerned about the trees we had planted on 125 acres in an adjacent county, so we checked on them today. Evidently that area had gotten more rain since things were greener and the trees seemed fine. They must not be under the dome. See my little pine trees in the picture above.

Summer is going by so fast. School will be starting in a few weeks. We haven't been anywhere on vacation yet this year. We've been relaxing either in the backyard pool or inside in the AC. This week we've been watching the Olympics. Have any of you been following the games?