Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yard work and other stuff .......

We've been busy with normal stuff. I spent several days raking the yard. I wanted to get up sticks, leaves, and pine cones before we cut the grass for the first time. Hubby got out on the mower this afternoon, so the grass cutting season has officially begun. I've fertilized and worked my garden squares. I hope I can plant lettuce and radishes soon. It's been so nice being able to get outside and work again. I've been walking to my Dad's house in the afternoon when I go to feed the cat and get the mail. It's just over a mile round trip, so it's a nice walk.

I've been reading every chance I get. I've read a few of the classics and several purely entertaining books. I've got almost 100 books on my Nook, so I've still got plenty to read.

Like many people, I've been closely following the news from Japan and Libya. My heart goes out to all the people who are affected by these tragedies. I have a lot of admiration for the Japanese people for the way they have conducted themselves during their whole ordeal.

I will close with a couple of pictures of Mollie Ann.


I want to go outside and play.


I know that ball is in here somewhere!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you remember ...........

the Mickey Mouse Club?

American Bandstand?

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and the Lone Ranger?

playing hopscotch on the sidewalk?

going barefoot?

playing softball in a field?

catching fireflies?

going to drive-in movies?

penny loafers?

riding your bike?

playing with paper dolls?

going to the store with a nickle and getting a hand full of candy?

the whole family playing Monopoly together?

cooling off in the creek on a hot summer afternoon?

making homemade ice cream?

picking wild flowers for your Mother?

dancing in the rain?

If you remember any of these, then like me you grew up in a time different from today. It was a time when children had simple, clean fun. They felt safe to roam the neighborhood and could play outside after dark. There was no stress - life was fun. Parents were obeyed (usually), and elders were respected. It was a good time to grow up.

What memories do you have of your childhood?

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's beginning to look like spring ..........

It was a long winter, but spring is finally on the way. Hooray!!!


The trees are beginning to bud


and spring flowers are blooming.

We made it through another long, cold, and snowy winter.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Classics ..........

Years ago when I was in school, we had to read some of the classics in English Literature class. At the time, I wasn't able to enjoy the books since we had to dissect, analyze, and discuss them. I wasn't reading them for enjoyment, I was reading them because I had to. We only read a few of the classics. We were given brief summaries of the majority of them, and were made to memorize the titles and authors.

When I had time to read for pleasure, I would choose titles off the bestseller lists. My grandmother was a voracious reader and loved mysteries. I would sit with her on the screened-in porch on summer afternoons and read her Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. From her I developed a love of mysteries and thrillers. Over the years I have continued to choose popular fiction, mysteries, and thrillers as my reading material.

While looking for books to download to my Nook, I came across a series of books that are collections of the classics. Most of the books contain 50 separate books which are of a certain genre or follow a certain theme. I have downloaded several of these books such as "50 Classic American Authors", "50 Classic Romances", and "50 Classic English Authors". These collections contain many of the books that I am familiar with by name and author, but that I have never read. It is my goal this year ro read a classic for each modern day book I read.

Have you read many of the classics? If so, did you enjoy them and which were your favorites.