Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers for Leontien ........


Love and hugs to Leontien. To learn more go to -

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth day .........

Today is Earth Day. If everyone would just do a little extra for the environment today, it would make a difference. For those of you who hated to see my trees cut down, as you can see in this picture, there are still plenty of trees left. Besides, five years ago we planted 56,000 pines on our land. I love nature and wildlife and support conservation.


We are getting a welcome steady rain today. Our ground had gotten very dry and I have had to water my garden every night. My squash and cucumbers have come up, but this rain should make them grow. My azaleas are all blooming and are so pretty. We looked into getting azaleas to plant by the fence. They were $20.00 each and we wanted 20 of them - a bit more than I want to spend right now. We're hoping we can find some cheaper plants. We got the grass seed down, so hopefully we'll soon have grass out there.


An azalea by my deck.


One of my roses.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tree work ...........


About 35 years ago, not long after the house was built, we got a handful of pine seedlings from a friend who worked for the forestry department. We stuck them in the ground out by the road. Surprisingly they survived and grew. The picture above shows how large they had gotten.

Hubby decided he wanted to get them all cut down. Grass wouldn't grow under the trees and they dropped pine cones and pine needles all over the side front yard. The roots from those nearest the driveway were pushing up and cracking the asphalt. So, we contacted our tree service and had them come in, cut them down, clean up, and grind down the stumps.


The business is a husband and wife team. He did most of the work up in the bucket, while she fed branches in the chipper and cut up larger pieces with a chain saw.



Looks different with the trees gone. We put down lime and fertilizer this afternoon, then sowed grass seed. It has gotten very dry, but we are hoping for some rain tomorrow. We're thinking about planting azaleas on the other side of the fence.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remember me? .........

It's been so long since I've posted, you've probably forgotten all about me. Well, I'm still around and I'm doing fine. I've just been busy with all sorts of projects. When I haven't been busy, I've been lazy. My old computer was giving me all sorts of problems and it discouraged me from trying to post. After much thought and research, I ordered a new HP Touchmart 610. It came Tuesday, so I've been transferring files and getting everything set up on it. I love the sharp, bright picture on the 23" screen and the Beats Audio is awesome. The only thing that I'm finding a problem is the touch screen. When Maggie gets on the computer desk her tail tends to rub against the screen and she creates, moves, and deletes all sorts of things.

Spring arrived early this year. I've gotten my garden planted - tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, radishes, watermelon, cantaloupe, onions, cucumbers, zuchinni squash, and yellow crookneck squash. We got several loads of manure from the farm next door and worked it in the soil earlier, so I hope the garden does well. It's already gotten very dry here and I'm having to water every night. I've also planted bunches of flowers but still have more to do.

We had the inside of the house painted in February, so I had quite a mess for awhile. It looks great and I'm glad to have it done. The guy who did the painting is a perfectionist. He was slow, but everything was perfect when he finished. We just finished having trees cut. I will post about that soon. Now, I'm going to read blogs and comment since I have a computer that doesn't freeze on me.