Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - The Christmas that wasn't .................

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. We didn't have Christmas this year. Last Friday, I got a headache, sore neck, and started running a fever. Hubby was already suffering from a sore throat, cough, and stuffed up head. I called my brother and told him we were postponing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. I didn't want to infect him with whatever germs we had. I put the oysters and turkey in the freezer and went to bed.

I stayed in bed from Friday afternoon until Wednesday, only getting up every so often to stumble to the kitchen for a glass of ice water and some Advil. Hubby was stretched out on the sofa, coughing his head off and trying to handle the cats on his own. (Not an easy job if you don't feel well.)

I wasn't feeling better and couldn't get my fever down, so I told Hubby we were going to the doctor Wednesday. He went first and was diagnosed with a virus and was given two prescriptions. He has bronchitis and any type of lung infection hits him hard. I went next and was told I have viral meningitis. I was told to take Advil and Tylenol every three hours to get the fever down and that I should be better by the first of the week. My throat was beginning to get sore, which meant I was trying to come down with the virus Hubby has. The doctor gave me a prescription to take for it now before it gets too bad.

So, we had no Christmas meals or celebrations. We didn't even have any gifts to open. I had ordered a watch for Hubby from a local jewelers and it didn't come before Christmas. They called Tuesday and said it was in. I haven't been out to pick it up. Hubby gave me a Kindle which I have been using for several weeks. I never did go out to get the kitties anything for their stocking.

Actually, missing Christmas didn't bother me. I don't have big expectations for holidays. I've learned if you don't expect anything, then whatever you get is a pleasant surprise. We are so lucky when compared to some people in the world.

Will try to visit everyone's blog and comment soon. I still have a headache and can't sit up for too long.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas prep .............

Have you missed me? I haven't been around much lately. No special reason for my absence, I've just been busy with normal life stuff. I can't believe that it's the middle of December already. I think it would feel more like Christmas if it were colder. I still have roses blooming, my herbs in pots are thriving, and we're still having to cut grass.

My Christmas preparations are almost complete. Our Christmases are low key and quiet - no frantic shopping and gift buying, no big parties or entertaining, and very little baking or candy making. I will put up my tree either tomorrow or Friday. I have Hubby's gift on order from our local jewelers and the kitties have a new scratcher and catnip. I've already gotten my gift - a Kindle to go along with my Nook.


The amarylis I got earlier at Walmart now has four blooms and looks very festive.


I don't think Maggie May feels well. She usually spends all day outside and has to be forced back in at night. She hasn't wanted to go out for two days now. She goes in the bedroom and sleeps on the far side of the bed all day. Right now she is curled up in front of me watching me type this post. She has been eating a little so I'm not too concerned. I'll keep an eye on her.