Saturday, March 14, 2009

A message from Maggie May .....

Dear peoples on the innernet,

This is Maggie May speakin. I been layin here tryin to get Mommy to pay attenshun to me instead of the puter. She said she is tryin to read her bloggies. Well, I think she should pay attenshun to me instead, since I am the queen of the house. Mommy said that since I was hoggin the puter, I had to write her post. I can do that.

That other cat - Mazie Grace - was in my house awhile ago, but I chased her behind the sofa. When she came back out, I put my fingernails in her and made her run away again. She don't belong in my house. Mommy finally put her outside. Good!

I been a good girl this week. I been givin lots of head butts, kisses, and lovin to Mommy and Daddy. But then, I'm always a good girl. I been up for awhile, so I need to get me some sleeps now.

This is Maggie May sendin you kitty kisses xxx


Dee said...

To Maggie May:
Excellent job. Keep up the good work and be sure to get plenty of rest.

Carla said...

Maggie May, you are beautiful! But know that, don't you.

I don't dare let my furry ones see this. I'm afraid they'll want to start posting. And there are FIVE of them! I'd never get a chance to use my computer if they took over.

Kathy said...

I had a kitty named "Maggie Meow" -- among many others! And now there's only one: Azrielle. Jezebelle, my designated kitty, went to the great litter box about 6 months ago. She used to walk across my computer keyboard causing all kinds of havoc! If I was grading papers and wouldn't pay attention to her, she would grab them and run. My students would get their back back with kitty teeth marks!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Maggie gets plenty of rest. She is sleeping on the desk as I type.

Maggie knows she is queen of the house and a beautiful cat - she is quite full of herself. She sends meows to your kitties.

I've had many cats over the years, each with their own distinctive personality. Each one has a way of stealing your heart.

Patty said...

Dear Maggie, I know you want mommy to give you special time because I have a kitty who is also named Maggie May. She gets jealous of the computer and also of her sister (adopted not the same litter) Molly and of our Pug Lucy..
It is hard for mommies to divide there time between everything and everyone, but I am sure now that you have voiced your concerns on her blog she will listen to you