Monday, March 23, 2009

A weekend of yard work .......

We had a nice weekend. It was sunny and the days warmed up after cold nights. Saturday we cut the grass for the first time this year. It was nice to get back on the lawnmower. Of course, by August, I will be very tired of yard work.

Saturday, we also started work on our raised garden beds. We got all the boards cut. Sunday afternoon I painted the boards with redwood deck stain. I'm hoping that the stain will keep the boards from cracking and bowing so bad. We are making 3 beds - two will be 12' x 6', and one will be 6' x 6'. You can see one of the beds we now have in the picture. It's a square made of railroad ties which have completely rotted. Also, the current squares are not deep enough. We're using 10" boards for the new beds. I called today to get prices on truck loads of top soil. I'm hoping we can get the beds put together one night this week.

I've started a long list of chores I need to get done outside. Everywhere I look I see something else that needs to be done. I'm tired just thinking about it.


Kathy said...

I know what you mean -- sometimes when I look around the garden it's just totally overwhelming. It's great that you have enough property to put up raised beds. Take photos as you go along.

Carla said...

I'm going to start spending less time on the computer and more time outside in the yard. I have some messy beds by the side of the house that I need to work on. I've found it impossible to keep the weeds out. So this year I'm going to sow wildflower seeds in those beds. If I'm going to have least they'll be blooming weeds! :-)

Good luck with your project.

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

I know what you mean.... I am really pleased Spring is here, but I dread the amount of work I need to do in the yard....

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

We have 2 acres of yard, so space isn't an issue. I'll try to record our progress, but I warn you that we are slow getting things done.

Wildflowers sound good - easy to grow and pretty too. I like perennials that you plant once and they come back every year.

Do you have a large yard and do you have a garden? I know it's hard to get it all done when you work full time.