Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shopping, yard work, and repairs ...........

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of good food and good friends to share it with. We stuffed ourselves, then spent the rest of the day recovering.

Did you hit the stores for black friday? I usually refuse to go anywhere near a store on that day, but we needed to pick up a few groceries, so we braved Walmart around noon. Hubby and I have been wanting a flat screen HDTV, but we've been waiting for our old TV to die before buying one. On our way to pick up some milk, we stopped just to look at the TVs that were on special. I was totally shocked when an employee appeared almost immediately and offered to help us. He answered our questions, told us what we needed, loaded it on a cart, checked it out, and even took it to our truck. We had bought a TV at Walmart on black friday in under 10 minutes! Evidently all the people who work at the distribution center were sent to work in the store on that day. Now that we have the TV, we've got to get a stand for it and the Direct TV HD receiver. One thing leads to another. We also need to find someone who would like to buy the huge entertainment center and TV that we have. Right now the TV is still in the box in the garage - hopefully it will be set up by Christmas. That will be our Christmas present to each other.

The weekend was spent in the yard. Sunday was simply gorgeous - sunny and temperatures in the 70s. Hubby ran the leaf vacuum over the entire yard while I raked in areas that the mower couldn't get. It looked so good right after we finished. More leaves have fallen since then, but they are not as thick as they were. We will probably have to go over the yard again at least one more time. I still have my flower beds to clean out, pots to empty, and a few other fall chores to do. December has arrived much too soon - seems like summer was only a few weeks ago. Have you ever noticed how time tends to speed up as you get older?

I spent all day today at my Dad's. The french doors in his den had to be replaced. The rain had splashed off the patio bricks onto the bottom of the door for so long that it was rotten. It had gotten so flimsy, I locked the door several weeks ago and told everyone not to use it. I was afraid Dad would get upset having the workers there. He never believed in paying anyone to do jobs like that - he would do them himself. But he sat in his chair and watched them calmly all day.


Arkansas Patti said...

Isn't it something how one type of TV has made entertainment centers obsolete. I had to by my TV by tape measure to make sure it would fit the EC. I refused to move such a huge piece of furniture.
Enjoy all those now visable pores in your newscasters face.

KathyA said...

We still have some leaves plastered to the ground out there. It's been raining so consistently that it's been hard to get to them.
You are sooo right about December getting here so fast; I can't believe it!
Glad your Black Friday experience was a good one!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Wow, a TV at Walmart on Black Friday? I would have thought that impossible :) I'm glad it worked out and you got a new TV. That is such a nice feeling when it all comes together.

I've noticed that time goes so much faster too. Man, in a month or two everyone will be talking about spring again and the stores will have all the summer stuff out!