Sunday, February 7, 2010

We were lucky ............

As many of you know, the East coast has been hit with record breaking snow storms. Washington DC had the deepest snowfall in 90 plus years and parts of Maryland had over 30 inches. We were very lucky here in Southside Virginia. We got snow Friday that accumulated to around 4 inches, but the rain we got that night melted almost all of it. Saturday it turned back to snow and we got about 3 more inches of very wet snow that also melted some. I took the picture above this morning. As you can see our snow is not very deep and it had melted off the driveway. When I went to the store this afternoon, the roads were free of snow and dry.

Some areas in the state got deep snow and some areas got a lot of ice. Hubby works for an electric coop. He had to go to work Saturday morning around 5 AM and worked until 11 PM last night. He was up again this morning and out the door at 5 AM. He got home around 7 PM - cold and tired, but everyone has their electricity back on. Almost all their outages were in the western region.

Another storm is predicted for Tuesday. According to the weather map we will be just south of the snow, in the rain only area. I hope that is correct. I'm just not a cold weather or snow person and I have had enough of winter.


Linda said...

You are indeed lucky from what I'm reading from other bloggers. It has indeed been a hard winter for the east coast states.

We're doing our usual Oregon rain that we do every year and it actually hasn't been too bad to this point.

I hope you have a wonderful week next week.

Gilly said...

You are fortunate to miss that snow! Especially as that is aa very long drive to clear!

We are forecast more, but not much, but I've had enough of even a little bit!

Arkansas Patti said...

I was wondering how you were doing and 4 inches is doable.
I used to work for a power co and our guys often worked long hours after a wind storm but I can't imagine working in the cold.
Bless him and his fellow workers.

KathyA said...

We're shoveled out, but still stuck here. Getting all my reading and cleaning done.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Your hubby is one of those guys we all are grateful for!

We are getting hit pretty hard with the next round coming tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll dig out before June!

You have a beautiful home!

Snippety Gibbet said...

"Southside." Okay now I've got an idea of where in Virginia you are. I saw lots of pinetrees, so I figured you were coastal. jan