Monday, March 1, 2010

Today felt like SPRING! ...........................

We had a lovely day. It was sunny, the temperature was in the mid 50s, and it was not windy. I really feel like spring is on it's way. I've never been a fan of winter, and this winter has been unusually bad. We've had more snow than I ever remember us having here in Southside Virginia. We're suppose to get rain again tomorrow night with the chance of a little wintry mix. I predict that the snow is over for this winter and we will only get rain. I'm thinking positive - does anyone believe in the power of positive thinking?

The tulips on my entertainment unit are a cheerful reminder of the season to come. Last fall I planted 50 tulip bulbs around a post in the back yard. I was really looking forward to having a colorful display this spring. I've checked the area several times recently and I don't see any little shoots coming up. I do see lots of mole tunnels in the surrounding area. I guess the moles had a feast with my tulip bulbs. Mazie Grace has been slack in her mole hunting lately. She's got to do a better job.

The possum was back every day around noon for several days. I haven't seen him recently. I think he's back to traveling at night.


Linda said...

In my experience tulips seldom come back worth a flip the second year. Yours may well have filled the empty tummy of some creature during the severe winter.

I also love tulips. They're the ultimate sign of spring. I also believe the severe winter is over.

I also believe thinking positive helps positive things happen.

Gilly said...

Tulips do tend to come up later than other bulbs, but I think yours might be in the mole!

I love tulips, I have planted a big con tainer with them, no sign yet, but that is a good thing, as we have been having horrendous fross!

KathyA said...

I was going to ask if those beautiful tulips were from your garden! I do hope the bulbs come up -- perhaps they're later blooming? I won't be able to see the daffodil sprouts for a while, yet -- still too much snow on the ground.
I think we're finished with snow, too. (Famous last words?) We'll see, won't we?