Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April heat wave ...............

We're having a little April heat wave. It got all the way up to 93 this afternoon. As you can see, Mazie Grace decided to spend the afternoon napping in the planter. Maggie May retreated to a cool spot under the deck. I donned my shorts, teeshirt, and sandals, grabbed a tall glass of ice tea and finished reading a book. Yes, we were a lazy bunch.

My day started off wrong. We had a thunderstorm around 3 AM that woke me up when the lights went out. Hubby went off to work around 5 AM. He called me later and said that Vepco had about four counties without electricity, and he didn't know when the lights would be back on. I was beginning to get cranky, when they finally came back on at 10 AM. We have plans to get a generator before next winter.

While the lights were out, I got involved in the book I've been reading - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I couldn't put it down even when the lights came back on, so most of my day was spent reading. I've started another book by the same author - The Girl Who Played With Fire. So, I probably won't get any work done until I finish reading it.


Diane said...

I never get tired of looking at this cutie! We are having a heat wave today...near 90 and then 55 this weekend ...LOL (no wonder I have a sore throat and head ache!

rachel said...

Lucky you - we have a forecast for tomorrow for 16 degrees - perhaps! - that's 61 degrees to you. And we are ecstatic about it! If it happens at all, it won't last, of course.

KathyA said...

I love living in books like that!

It's been really warm here, too! Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and sweet tea (made with Splenda and decaf green tea)!!!

And I love that cat!!!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Somebody was taking a little siesta there! We got to around 83 and I thought it was hot, but 93 is way up there. There is a cold front coming through right now and it feels so nice and cool outside.

I'll have to look up the books you are reading. I'll need something good to read soon as I'm almost done with my current one.

Anonymous said...

I missed that early morning thunderstorm but it woke Hubby up. We have been doing the sandals and white legged shorts thing here too until today. It's raining tonite and quite cool. I am dreading summer.

The Blue Ridge Gal