Monday, April 26, 2010

Helicopters ........................

We must have a million helicopters in our front yard. I call the seed pods on the maple tree helicopters, since they twirl as they fall to the ground. We had some wind Sunday and it looked like a snow storm as they came flying down. They are everywhere and get tracked inside on our shoes or on the kittie's fur. Maggie May has entertained herself with trying to catch them.

I've gotten behind in all my work around the house and yard. I switched my arthritis medicine from Celebrex to meloxicam because it was so much cheaper. It didn't work at all for me even when I doubled the dosage. As a result, I ended up with sore joints and aches and pains all over my body. I had to go back to the Celebrex last Thursday, and have finally begun to feel better. I decided I would be willing to pay about $100. a month not to be in such pain. At least I tried the cheaper alternative. Anyway, I didn't get much done for a couple of weeks. Hope I can get busy on some yard work this week.


Linda said...

Arthritis is a miserable companion. Glad you've found something that brings some relief.

KathyA said...

Sorry that happened -- Celebrex does nothing for me -- no change - nada. Osteo arthritis IS a "miserable companion." Going to try Hyalgan shots again.

Gilly said...

Oh I feel for you! Arthritis is miserable. Glad you have found something that helps, even if it is expensive. I find that the cheaper medication often doesn't work so well, whatever the Drs. say!

And we get inundated with sycamore "helicopters" but not just yet - the leaves are only just coming out.

Arkansas Patti said...

If each helicoper sprouted, you would have a forest.
So sorry that arthritis is plaguing you so and hope the new meds work well and long.
I can still get by with OTC Glucosamine and Chondroitin chews. I know the day will come when they no longer work.
Nasty fellow arthritis is.

Diane said...

I use to hate these whirly things from maple trees (i think) at our other house.

So sorry about the painful arthritis you have to live with :(

Reasons said...

Sorry you have been in pain. And that you have to pay for your medicine! I hope things change soon in the US as far as that goes.

Beth said...

I know how painful arthritis can be---so sorry that happened to you. I don't blame you for switching back.

I love those little helicopter maple seeds. I loved playing with the "whirlybirds" when I was little. But, then, I've always been easily entertained. :-)

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Wow, your yard is covered. I think that is the most I've ever seen in one area before. Seeing helicopters always makes me feel like a kid, throwing them in the air and laughing when they come down.

NitWit1 said...

I was in your neck of the woods, well not exactly, North Carolina, recently.

Here in Ozark land (AR) we are having similar weather, extremely windy, bringing foreign pollens to tickle my nose.

From a former pillroller by profession, generics are not a savior. In my practice I remember an expensive drug pressure med that came out in generic form. A rush to "Wal-Mart-like" savings by patients proved the drug was not effective and physicians refused to write it for a long time. Later the generic manufacturers got it right.

I am dubious of any generic in its first generation, regardless of savings. Thyroid also had a mixed history, long ago. Physicians caution patients to at least make up their mind and stick with some long enough blood tests can be titrated and doses adjusted. Of course, that advice only applies to things like thyroid, coumadin, etc.

I mourned to demise of VIOXX.

We finally found Daypro (generic) to alleviate my arthritis. Before that I had to use light narcotics like Darvon.

Hope you get to relief as it is the time for prettying up the landscape although Mother Nature does a pretty good job for awhile.

CountryDew said...

I am sorry that the meloxicam didn't work for you, but glad you have found something that does. I know insurance certainly prefers the meloxicam. Mine won't pay for things like Celebrex until you've tried everything else on the market. I am glad you're feeling better.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I call them "helicopters" too. Do you also get "itchy balls?"

I hope your arthritis gets better. Have you tried any of those natural remedies? Am I remembering right that grape or pineapple juice helps?