Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mollie Ann update ..........




I have been so tied up with issues concerning my Dad and life in general, that I have totally neglected blogging. Sometimes you have to deal with the most important things first. I'm hoping that things will settle down now and I can get back to my usual routines.

All of you who were betting on Mollie Ann becoming a member of the household are winners. When she comes to the deck tonight around dark, I will put her in the garage. Then in the morning she will go to the vet to be spayed and to get a rabies shot. I haven't found anyone who will claim to be her owner. I don't know where she goes during the day, but every night around 8 PM she comes across the back yard and up on the deck for her supper and for water. She is always gone by daylight.

After a little effort, I convinced her that I was not a danger. Once she allowed me to touch her, she was overjoyed to be held and petted. She was someone's pet and is used to being held. She even got in my lap last night and went to sleep.

Of course. Maggie May and Mazie Grace are not very happy that she invades their area. In fact, Mazie Grace watches for her at night and tries to chase her away. So far, we've only had some hissing and growling - no physical fights. I'm sure with time they will accept her presence - or at least I hope they will.

We are still getting summer weather. It's been in the upper 80s or 90s - today was 93. We haven't gotten any rain since August 19th, so it is terribly dry. Some areas have limited the use of water since the reservoirs are so low. Our water comes from a well, so we are being careful with our water use too.

I'm off to get Mollie in the garage and then catch up on a week's worth of blog posts .....


Linda said...

Mollie Ann doesn't understand what a lucky kitty she is or she'd be begging to get in the garage for her surgery. You've saved her from a horrible life. Good for you. She's very pretty.

KathyA said...

YES!!!! Welcome Mollie Ann!
My experience has been that it takes about 2 weeks for the hissing, growling, territorial stuff to stop. The cats took a little less time -- my husband was the one really upset!

Gilly said...

Such a pretty cat! She seems well and as though she has been looked after. She is lucky to have found a good home.

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

YAY....Bless you. I am glad she is friendly now. She doesn't look thin either, so I am curious what her life was like before?

Arkansas Patti said...

Yippy, I am a winner. What did I win? Why knowing Mollie Ann has found her home. That is great prize.