Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monticello again ..........


Yesterday, we decided to take another trip to Monticello. We wanted to tour the upstairs rooms that just opened to the public this year. I left my camera in the car because I knew that pictures were not allowed in the downstairs rooms. However, they did allow pictures to be taken upstairs. Next time we go, I will know to take my camera.

To reach the second floor, you must go up narrow, steep, winding stairs. The rooms are unfurnished, except for alcove beds. These rooms were used by family members and guests. The third floor, also reached by narrow, steep stairs, contains the rotunda. I thought this was the prettiest room in the house, however, it was never used for anything except storage.

After leaving Monticello, we stopped at the Kluge Estate Winery for a bottle of their wine. It was an enjoyable morning outing.

Mollie Ann is doing fine. I take her back to the vet tomorrow afternoon to have the stitches taken out. We let her out of the garage Sunday morning, since she was getting very restless and had torn up the window blinds. :-( She still stays gone all day and comes up to the house at dark for her supper. Mazie Grace seems to be accepting her presence, although she is not happy about it. Maggie May is the aggressive one. She acts like she wants to inflict pain on her.


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I bet that would be a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for posting about it!

Linda said...

I visited Monticello once and found it fascinating. I'd love to see more pictures of it.

Tell Maggie May to cool it. She was once in the same spot as Mollie Ann. I guess she's forgotten that.

KathyA said...

I'd like to take a ride down and visit Jefferson's home. We drove by Poplar Grove a few times when our youngest was still at Lynchburg, but never got a chance to tour it because it's closed from October to April -- at least it was then.

Glad Mollie is feeling better. I'm sure she's intimidated by the grand old ladies! Poor kitty.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

It looks as if it could be an interesting building.