Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall and Mollie update ........

It's really beginning to feel like fall. Have you noticed how much shorter the days are? I have to round up Maggie and get her inside so much earlier now. The nights have gotten cool, forcing me to shut the windows after supper. I haven't turned on the heat yet, but according to the weather report, I may have to tomorrow night. Our trees are just beginning to turn. The hickory and some maples are showing color. The woods are still mostly green now, but before long, they will be full of color. Halloween decorations are showing up everywhere. Pumpkins and mums are on porches. Fall is a pretty time of the year. If it didn't lead into winter, I might enjoy it more.


Mollie Ann is no longer an outsider. She has forced her way into our home and refuses to be intimidated by the other cats. She has decided that the garage is her territory. She sleeps on the rocker which gives her a good view of the food dish. Poor Mazie Grace is scared of Mollie and won't go in the garage to eat any more. We have to feed her in the house. Maggie will still hiss at her, but will usually walk away when Mollie refuses to back off.


Mollie has gotten so fat. I have never seen a cat eat as much as she does. She will eat a whole larger can of food, follow it with a dish of dry food, and be looking for more. I believe she is almost as heavy as Maggie May.

Hubby and I have been lazy lately. I have begun to get out winter clothes and put away summer clothes - a job I hate. I wish I had a big closet, so I didn't have to do this twice a year.


Gilly said...

Poor Maizie Grace! Sounds as if Mollie is determined to be Top Cat! And she was so nervous to begin with!

Hope you give Maizie Grace a few extra cuddles to make up for it all!

Yes, Autumn has set in well here, though the leaves seem to be falling off the trees faster than they can turn colour! Some trees look really sick, especially the Horse Chestnuts - apparently there is a nasty disease they are suffering from across the country.

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I am glad Mollie is feeling more comfortable, and it is great she is eating so well. She probably has gone days without food at times, and isn't taking any chances now...LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

All right Molly Ann.
Be a bit careful with her diet though. Minnie was a half starved stray and was on her way to being a 50 pound cat at first till I put her on a diet for about a month. Now she realized that food does come every day and can eat free choice with our being morbidly obese.
Sorry Maizie is feeling displaced. They will sort things out eventually.

NitWit1 said...

Seems the cats are slowly sorting things out. Mollie at least has claimed a dry, relatively comfortabale territory for her to spend the winter.

Sounds like she and I need to be on the same diet.

KathyA said...

I bet Mollie went through a period of starvation for her to be eating like that. I cannot believe that Mazie Grace is frightened of her! That really surprises me.

Would you please pet all three of them for me and tell them that Aunt Kathy says hello?

It's been cool here, too. Husband insisted on turning the heat on, but I insisted it be set on 65! We're also seeing more and more color.

Becky Mushko said...

Looks like your cat herd has officially increased. Maizie will eventually come around.

The fall color here isn't as pretty as it should be—not as much red, and many trees have lost lots of leaves.

rachel said...

My two little once-feral boys are prone to tubbiness too - it's as though they can't believe that food will come again, and have to stock up against a famine each time. It's tricky trying to manage their diets when I have two other cats who have to be encouraged to eat. Good luck with Mollie!