Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May flowers ........

Thought I'd share a few pictures of flowers in my yard with you tonight.



The azaleas are past their prime. I never did get outside to take pictures when they were at their prettiest.



The bleeding heart always do well. Notice the bee.


A pot of purple flowers.

I still have six planters I need to buy plants for. I planted two large pots with wave petunias today. Monday I planted vinca around the lamp post in front of the house. We're suppose to get rain after midnight. We need the rain since the ground is beginning to get dry again. My poor fingernails have taken a beaten the last few days, but I do love to get my hands in the dirt. Will post pictures of the garden soon.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Very pretty Mary. I especially love Bleeding Hearts.

My azaleas are blooming right now, but not the rhodies yet.

Becky Mushko said...

Your flowers are lovely. I've noticed around my area that azaleas and irises are the prettiest they've been for years.

Arkansas Patti said...

Those azaleas are beautiful. I have never had any luck with them and regret it when I see how lovely they look. Maybe someday.
Enjoy your rain, we are just starting a dry out spell here which is welcome.

NitWit1 said...

I love the flowers and miss having them. We have paid to re-landscape our place to alleviate the required maintenance of flower beds.

I still have hanging and potted plants which are easier to maintain.

We lost almost every tree in a 1000 year ice storm about 3 years ago.

schmidleysscribblins,wordpress.com said...

Your Bleediong Heart looks wonderful. Love the bee shot. My Azaleas are not in great shape. Cold killed them back two winters ago, and they still have not recovered. Di

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your flowers look gorgeous!

KathyA said...

The blooms are lovely. And the dicentra is one of my favorite plants. They always amaze me -- they die off so completely and are one of the first to pop through the ground the next spring!

Are those Norfolk Island pine on your deck? How healthy they are!!

I've purchased all the plants and will work this afternoon to get the rest of them into the pots. Pictures to follow.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

It looks like that you have been doing some nice work in your garden and with your camera.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I never remember to shoot the flowers til they are past their prime too. .....sigh..... We saw our first hummingbird this week, btw!


Book said...

Fantastic photo and caption. Bravo!