Saturday, February 7, 2009

More mole hunting ........

We are having a beautiful weekend here in Virginia - the temperature was near 70 today and it's suppose to be a little warmer tomorrow. We actually got to open the windows this afternoon and let in the fresh breeze.

Mazie Grace had an exciting day. She caught another mole and brought it into the garage. I confiscated it and disposed of it (it was deceased). She was terribly upset and wanted her mole back. She searched the garage for about fifteen minutes, then gave up and went back outside. About two hours later she came back with another one that she proceeded to torture and kill. That makes a total of three moles that she has caught.

I'm not in favor of killing any living thing. I usually trap unwanted guests such as mice and snakes and take them away from the house and set them free. However, the mole problem has been getting worse for the last several years. I have been unable to trap them and they have multipled to the point where my whole two acres of yard is a mass of tunnels and holes. So, I will allow Mother Nature to apply her type of population control - one species hunting another - and I won't intervene. I'll just pick up and dispose of the remains.

If anyone wondered where I got the name for this blog, it's from a song by The Robbin Thompson Band. You can listen to it on the side bar.


matthewr100 said...

The best success I have had with moles is using the bait and applicator from

Hope this helps!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I don't need bait and an applicator as long as I have Mazie Grace.