Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heat ...................

My grass has turned brown.

My squash and cucumbers are gone.

I like hot weather, but this is going a bit too far. Every day for the last 10 days has been in the upper 90s. Four of those days were over 100 - we had 3 days at 102 and 1 day at 101. I usually avoid turning on my air conditioner, but it has been running constantly except for the early morning. I turn it off and open the windows when I get up, but by 10 AM I have to turn it back on. The days that were over 100 were just too hot to even go in the pool. The pool water temperature is up to 85, so the water is not that refreshing - more like a tepid bath. We're suppose to get some much needed relief tomorrow.

We had a very brief shower last night - the first rain we've had in three weeks. I'm afraid it was too little and too late for my garden. I got one tomato from the garden on June 17th. Since then every one of the tomatoes has had dry rot. The squash and cucumbers are gone and the green peppers look sickly. I've been watering almost every night, but it hasn't been enough. Maybe next year I can have a good garden.

Between the heat draining all my energy and being busy with repairs to my Dad's two John Deere lawn tractors and John Deere Gator, I have gotten behind on reading blogs. I apologize for my lack of comments. I'm hoping I can get caught up later tonight.


Linda said...

It makes me sad to read about your situation. It is so hard to live in that kind of heat. I always felt more house bound in the summer in Texas than I did in the winter. I couldn't take it anymore. It was making me sick.

I suppose you don't want to hear that the high here today was 67 degrees and that was with sunshine. We'll have maybe 5 days later in the summer of the kind of heat you're experiencing.

Snappy Di said...

The weather has been unbearable but starting tonite and for a few days we should be getting some relief... don't see any rain on the horizon though and we could sure use some.

Your poor garden. *sad face*


KathyA said...

Your garden losses are so sad!! You worked so hard at it. Are the gardens too far from the house to use a sprinkler?
We've been watering everything a little each day. Can't believe it's this hot this early. At our daughter's on Sunday the thermometer registered 105!! What will August hold???
Tomorrow should be in the low 80s.

rachel said...

Such temperatures are barely imaginable over here in the UK - we yelp when we get into the lower 80s!

I hope it cools down for you a little soon. Lack of commenting energy is perfectly understandable!

Gilly said...

Oh your poor veggies! Not as hot here, but for us it has been what we call hot. And the reservoirs are low. Hosepipe bans are imminent. Oh dear!

Arkansas Patti said...

Sounds like we have had very similar weather patterns. The only good thing I can find is that the lawn does not need mowed. That would only create a dust storm.
There is hope however, this morning as I popped out the door to walk the dog, I was stunned by the cool temps (61 degrees). Where did I put that jacket? For now, our oppressive heat is on vacation.
Hope you get the same thing.

Amy said...

Sorry about your garden. Hunter has a series of soaker hoses that he rotates to give his garden some water in the evenings. Fingers crossed. I'm glad it's a little cooler today!

Sandra said...

The heat has been some awful in southwest VA as well but we've also had lots of rain. We've a small window of opportunity to get our hay up so we cut yesterday, will kick today and bale tomorrow...God willing.
I've always loved the song Sweet Virginia Breeze; great blog title!

NitWit1 said...

We have had quite a few 90 degree days which prodded us to install solar shades behind our verticals which really seem to be blocking the heat.

However quite expensive and never will recoup in saved electricity but will be a selling feature.

We have double paned windows, but older manufactured homes are not very energy efficient.

Diane said...

oh no....you need a sprinkler system...LOL