Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not much happening .......

I don't have any excuse for not posting sooner other than nothing has been going on. It's just been too hot to do anything - 100 Thursday, 102 yesterday, 106 today, and a forecast of the same tomorrow. Anyone who doubts that global warming exists should come spend a week in Southside Virginia. I don't remember ever having a summer this hot.

The days have been too hot to go in the pool. I had planned on swimming tonight, but I checked the water temperature and it is 88. I don't find water that warm to be refreshing, so I'll stay inside in the air conditioning.

We did get some rain - Hooray! We had a nice shower last week and a brief shower earlier this week. It helped to green up the lawn. I'm still watering the garden every day. I have some nice cherry tomatoes and every so often I'll get a squash or cucumber. The regular tomatoes are still a disappointment - almost every one has dry rot.

I got my hair cut Tuesday. I was way overdue for a cut. I had been letting it grow so I could pull it back in a ponytail when it was hot or when I went in the pool. It had gotten longer than I have ever worn my hair. She cut off 4 to 6 inches and it is still shoulder length. I can still get it in a ponytail - a short one. I'm not very talented at fixing my hair, so I need a style that is wash and wear. So far, I'm satisfied with this cut.
Like I said - not much happening here.


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

poor, cat days weather huh? hope you have the front line for Ticks as they seem to love this weather as I recall.

stay cool indoors. we had thunderstorms and heavy rain today which is suppose to get the temps down.

rachel said...

That was like reading a foreign language.... a heat-related foreign language. Your pool is hotter than our hottest day!

It's been so cold here recently I've had to put the central heating back on now and again, and find socks and sweaters to wear. North-East England in July!

KathyA said...

Love the photos of the girls!!

It IS to hot to go to even go to a pool! We're watering, too -- sometimes twice a day. Were supposed to go to Brookside Gardens in Montgomery Co., but not in this dangerous heat.

I'm wearing my hair long these days, too. Easier and much cooler to get it up and out of the way!

NitWit1 said...

I'm sure the kitties are feeling the heat but their photos don't show it.

I don't swim but I would hate to be w/o AC. We have not officially hit 100 in my area yet but are toying around 96, but factoring in humidity have the "feel like" temps near 110.

It does not inspire creativity or any activity.

Arkansas Patti said...

Your temps are matching ours. I don't even want to know the "feels like" versions.

Enjoy A/C and be grateful for that lovely man who invented it. We all need to move in with rachel.

Thank goodness we don't sport fur coats like the cats. Yikes.

Linda said...

Bless you with that heat. That's awful. That kind of heat sucks every ounce of energy out of you.

Gilly said...

That heat must be awful! We rarely get even heat as hot as your swimming pool!

Not surprised not much is going on - and those poor cats look so hot in all their fur!!

CountryDew said...

It actually sounds rather pleasant, except for the heat.

Anonymous said...

We are having a bit of lightning tonite but no rain in sight. Can't believe how warm your pool is.... sounds like Arizona!


sweetflutterbys3 said...

I love the new look of your blog, Sweet!

Wow, it's hot in Virginia! I do remember it being around 100 degrees in Danville when I grew up there, but then again, I was a kid and didn't pay attention to the weather much so I don't know if that was normal or not. I just knew it was so hot that our whole family had to camp out on the floor at night in the one room we had AC in.

Hope it cools off soon for you all.