Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Hot Mahogany" by Stuart Woods ..............

This Stone Barrington novel is not Stuart Woods at his best, but it did keep me reading until I finished. In this book Stone is mixed up in the world of antique furniture and coin collecting. He is asked by his CIA pal Lance Cabot to keep an eye on his brother, Barton Cabot, an antique restorer who was recently attacked and has partial amnesia.

Barton is also an artisan who makes antique reproductions. When one of his mahogany desks is stolen, he is unsure if it was the original worth millions or the replica. He hires Stone to help him find it. Barton's theory is that one of the men who served under him in Nam stole the desk because he was dissatisfied with his share of the contraband smuggled out of Viet Nam by the unit.

As usual, Stone manages to woo more than one woman and spends much time in the New England countryside. Stuart Woods doesn't trouble the reader with deep thought or complex characters, he is more concerned with the action. This book is not memorable, it is quick entertainment. I would rate it C-.

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