Friday, May 1, 2009

Week in review ........

I can't believe that it is Friday already - where did the week go? Seems like I stayed busy, but I don't feel like I accomplished much. Monday, Hubbie got the Bobcat and spread the rest of the pile of top soil over the back yard. Of course, that either covered up or scraped up what little grass we had growing there. We have plans to put down fertilizer, lime, grass seed and straw. Then we will cross our fingers and hope that grass comes up and lives.

Tuesday, I had to go to the grocery store and run some other errands. Wednesday, I had to run some errands for my Dad.. Thursday, I had an appointment for my annual mammogram in Richmond. I resisted the urge to go shopping afterwards and came straight home except for a quick stop at Chesterfield Berry Farm for some fresh strawberries. I spent today on the lawnmower cutting grass.

I still have work to do on my garden beds. The herb bed has been planted with twelve different varieties of herbs. I planted chive seeds in the front of the bed, but they haven't come up yet. I may get some lavender and perhaps some perennial flowers to plant in the space that's left.

I want to get the rest of the raised garden beds planted this weekend. Still need to plant two roma tomatoes, three zuchinni squash, three yellow squash, three cucumbers, one watermelon, and one canteloupe. I also have flowers to plant. It's going to be a busy weekend. We plan on going to Costco tomorrow morning. My cousin plans on visiting tomorrow afternoon. So, that means Sunday is going to be planting day.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Gilly said...

Gardens sure keep one busy! Love yhour raised beds! I have planted seeds in ours, and they are actually coming up! But I didn't label them, so am going to have to guess what is what!

Yours look really smart - you'd laugh at mine, but they, I hope, work for me!!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Oh, you're way ahead of me. But I have my grass seed down and the yard weeded and fed. I read that we have to water, water, water, the grass seed. Good luck!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

If your seeds are coming up, I wouldn't worry about anything else. My carrots never came up and the lettuce is very sparse.

I still have grass seeed to put down. It'll probably turn dry when I do, so that nothing comes up.