Friday, May 22, 2009

Vacation activities ........

Regular Deck

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Hubbie has been on vacation, so we have been very busy. Unfortunately, we weren't busy with fun stuff or normal vacation activities. Instead, we have been working hard. We got both the deck and the pool decks stained. That took two whole days of bending over with a paintbrush. After they dried, I washed all the furniture before putting it back on the decks.

Pool Deck

We spent another day on the GTX. It would not start. We tried everything we could think of and it refused to go. We finally had to get a wrecker to take it to the shop. We haven't heard back from the mechanic, but hopefully it will be fixed by next week.

Today, Hubbie cut the grass while I pruned the shrubs in front of the house. My hedge trimmer is at least 35 years old and a bit dull, but I managed to get a whole load of clippings off the shrubs.

Tomorrow, we plan on getting mulch to put around the shrubs and then we will use the pressure washer to clean the siding. We have algae on the north side of the house and dust and pollen over the rest of it.


Kathy said...

You HAVE been busy, haven't you? The decks look beautiful and I love the Norfolk Island Pine. Do you take that inside during the winter?
I'd love to have all of our 'stuff' sharpened, but have no idea where to do that. I remember -- a long time ago -- a man going door to door, sharpening knives, hoes, shovels, etc.
We'll be tilling a garden that got away from us -- tomorrow and planting the seven roses I just purchased. My son brought over manure for me to till into the rose garden...what a nice boy:)

Gilly said...

My, you have got a lot of grass to cut! And I love your round shrubs! What do you do with your prunings? If they won't rot in our compost bin (which the really woody stuff won't) we have a green bin supplied by the council for garden rubbish, which they collect fortnightly.

That deck looks lovely! I imagine you sitting there in the twlight with a long cool drink gazing out at your garden. How much of the year can you sit out there? I bet your summer is a lot longer than ours!!

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

You have TWO decks, a yard that looks as smooth and green as a pool table, a pool, a GTX and a cool looking little buggy for whizzing arund the yard in. Are you rich? Can you adopt me?

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

The Norfolk Island Pine goes in the garage in the winter. Hubbie complains every time we have to move it, since it has gotten so large and heavy.

We don't have trash or rubbish pickup here. We have to take our household garbage about 7 miles to a dumpster. Other refuse has to be taken to the county landfill which is about 15 miles away. My clippings were dumped on the edge of the field behind the house.
We do use the deck a lot from the spring into fall. I even sit outside on sunny days in the winter.

We are just poor country folks. If we were rich, we wouldn't be spending our vacation at home working - we'd be traveling the globe or lounging at a resort.

Lilla said...

The decks look really nice and your yard is so GREEN! Won't it be nice to sit on your new decks and enjoy the lovely summer views? Looks like you and hubby got a lot accomplished on his vacation.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Oh, I'm so jealous--my deck needs to be done so bad. I was going to wait till next year but now after seeing yours and how beautiful it looks...I don't know if I can wait.