Monday, June 8, 2009

The class of 2009 .........

I went to my nephew's graduation from Charlottesville High School last Saturday night. While watching the ceremony, I started thinking about how much the world has changed since I graduated from high school. These young people have so many more opportunities than we did back in 1965. They live in a global society. Through the internet, cell phones, and other electronics, they are connected to people all over the world. They can follow events in other countries as if they were happening next door.

They are exposed to a wide variety of ideas and opinions. When I wanted to explore a subject, I had to go to the library and hope that I could find something relevant. Today, all one needs to do is Google a subject and page after page of information is instantly presented. The abundance of information available to young people today makes them more sophisticated and mature than we were at their age.

The youth of today have important and complex problems that they will need to face and try to solve in the future. I know some people in my generation complain about young people calling them lazy, spoiled and trouble makers. I have faith in our youth and believe that they will meet the challenges ahead of them and make this a better world.


Gilly said...

The motivated ones have everything at their fingertips and the world at their feet. The unmotivated ones will just sink.

I daresay its the same in the US as over here in the UK!

That bunch looks good for great careers!

Kathy said...

I, too, have faith in today's youth. You're right -- they do have so many more opportunities, but with these opportunities come a frightful number of responsibilities and pitfalls.