Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot weather and the garden ..............

From back to front: Burpee Burpless Cucumbers, Bush Cucumbers, Zuchinni Squash, Yellow Crookneck Squash

From back to front: Big Boy Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Better Boy Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers. You can't see it, but beyond the tomatoes is a hill of watermelon, and what is left of the radishes.

My garden has been looking good, but if we don't get some rain soon, it will not produce. It never fails, we have a dry spell when the vegetables start to fill out. I water as much as I dare, but I have to ration water when it gets dry since we have a well. All watering seems to do is keep it alive. We need a good soaking rain to really make it grow.

It was 97 this afternoon - Hot, Hot, Hot. Everything is drooping and looks cooked. I'll go out in a few minutes and give the garden and my flowers a drink. I've been trying to add water to the pool this week. The water level drops almost a foot during the winter - probably from evaporation. I need to get the level up high enough to run the filter. We will probably uncover it and get it running this weekend. If it had been ready, I would have been swimming this afternoon.


Kathy said...

Can't believe we're not that far north of you and are saturated. Today was warm here, too -- not as high as 97, however.
The garden looks really healthy. Hope you get that soaking rain soon.

Gilly said...

Oh gosh, your veggies are so far advanced. But then you are in Virginia!! The UK has been baking hot for a few days, but we are back to normal, and a more moderate temp! 24C is far too hot for me!

And we need water too, but have been using our water butt, which is still half full. Need rain, though.

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Hope you get some rain. Goodness, 97 is mighty hot.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Wait a minute, what Virginia are you in? I'm near Smith Mountain Lake. We've been getting torrentials downpours for weeks!

Get this. We had to get a new well last year because it was the original well from the thirties and for a modern family, it just wasn't enough. I was tired of going out a hundred times to try to fill the pool every year--turn on the hose and look at my watch for four minutes exactly so I didn't drain the well and then have to prime it. Tired of making sure no one had to use water before you took a shower or watered the garden. Worried about running out of water for the horses. The well guy assured me there's plenty of water in the new well, but still, I wasn't going to run it willy nilly. It's a well after all. So we started to fill up the pool. Then we forgot about it. ALL NIGHT. In the morning, hubby gets in the shower and I go outside to feed the horses and the yard is flooded. And the well is still pumping! I highly recommend biting the bullet if you can and digging a new one! What peace of mind. Knock wood.

I should blog about this, shouldn't I?

Your garden is amazing.


Lilla said...

Your garden looks fantastic! Here in Colorado, my plants are just beginning to take off, even after being started inside. Hopefully you will get some rain soon!