Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain ........

This part of the country has been getting lots of rain lately. But it seemed like all the storms either went North or South or East or West of us. We were getting quite dry and I was afraid my garden was going to suffer.

Well, my prayers for rain were finally answered. The rain began yesterday and has continued on and off through this afternoon. It looks like its trying to clear off now. I checked the rain gauge awhile ago and we have gotten 1.5 inches. We never had a downpour - just a steady light rain, so all of it soaked into the ground. My squash plants appear to have grown several inches over night and the rest of the garden has perked up.

We pulled the cover off the pool Wednesday afternoon in anticipation of the rain. The rain has filled it up enough, so tomorrow we will get everything set up and get it running.

Lots of areas have gotten way too much rain and flood watches have been in effect. I sympathize with those of you who are totally water logged. Hope you dry out soon.

Mazie Grace is anxious for the sun to come out. She has been so restless. She meows to go outside, but once I let her out she discovers the rain and wants to come back in. She gives me these looks like I'm suppose to stop the rain for her. She is spoiled and used to getting whatever she wants.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be going to Charlottesville tomorrow to see my nephew graduate from high school. Then, I'm sure Sunday will be spent on the lawn mower.

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Kathy said...

Glad you finally got the rain! Have fun at the graduation. Mazie Grace would be MISERABLE here. We're totally waterlogged. It seems to have stopped within the past hour, however. (7:33PM) Can't get out to check the rain gauge until tomorrow as the patio has about 2" of water on it. Yes, we have to do something about that...