Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden bounty .........

My garden is providing lots and lots of vegetables. Above is the bucket full that I picked this morning. By tomorrow morning, I will have another bucket full. The taste of vegetables straight from the garden is so much better than that of store vegetables.

The cucumbers have grown so much, they are flowing over the edges of the garden squares. I have to really hunt around in all the vines to find both the cucumbers and squash.

My pepper plants which are in the front have grown so much, several have fallen over. I don't have any peppers yet, but the plants will have lots later. I've gotten a few tomatoes, but most are still green. Once they start getting ripe, I will be inundated with tomatoes. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Thats quite the vegetable garden you have there. Iwant to start my own, but I fear I wont have the time to maintain it. The crop you picked looks large!

Kathy said...

WOW! You could open up a produce stand!! We have lots of tomatoes -- nothing ripe, yet. Can't wait for tomato sandwiches and gazpacho!

Gilly said...

I am overcome with admiration and, I admit it, envy! That is some veggie garden! Or, should I say, a veggie jungle?

It only seems 5 minutes since you showed us pics of tiny little leaves. Now look at them!

Are there any disadvantages to living in Virginia??

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Dave - The initial set up of the garden squares was time consuming, but once everything was planted and mulch was put down, it hasn't required a lot of work.

Kathy - Glad to see you back from your cruise. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Gilly - My garden looks good because we've had more rain than usual so far this summer. So often it gets hot and dry and everything dies.