Sunday, July 19, 2009

I was MIA, but I'm back ..........

I must apologize for not being around this week. Hubbie has been on vacation which means that we have been busy with projects and day trips. I'm ready to send him back to work so I can rest.

Our major project for the week was putting lattice under the shed. We bought the lattice back last fall when we got the shed and it has been on our "To Do List' ever since. We still need to make the railings on the ramp. I'm hoping it won't take as long to get to them. We store our lawn tractors and equipment in this shed, therefore the need for a ramp.
We cut grass, edged stepping stones, trimmed, and got other yard chores done. I got a ceiling fan to go in my study and had Hubbie put that up. Then Friday, we used the pressure washer to clean the siding on the house. The garden has also been keeping me busy - we're getting loads of tomatoes and cucumbers.
We had plans to get up early Saturday and go to Luray Caverns. Then we were going to ride around the western part of the state, spend the night somewhere, and come back home tonight. Hubbie got called in to work at 5:00 Saturday morning and did not get back home until 1:00 this morning. We had thunderstorms Friday afternoon and a tornado tore down power lines to the west of us. When lots of consumers are without power, they will call those on vacation to come back to work.


Becky Mushko said...

The shed is so cute—like a playhouse.

Kathy said...

The shed looks handsome -- the lattice -- is still to keep out critters?
We used to pass Luray Caverns going back and forth to Lynchburg to visit our youngest and to attend horse shows in Middleburg -- but never visited there.