Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now, where did that mole go? ..............

Hubbie gets up early and usually leaves for work before I get up. This morning after he got to work, he called to inform me that there was a mole somewhere in the house. Earlier, Mazie Grace had cried to come in and he failed to see the mole in her mouth before opening the door. She dropped it in the livingroom and it scampered off under the sofa. He said she looked for it for a few minutes, then gave up and went to the food dish, ate, and went back outside.

I wasn't very enthused to have the creature somewhere in the house, but I figured one of the cats would eventually catch it. A couple of hours later I noticed Maggie May creeping around and looking at the electric baseboard heater in the livingroom. I got a flashlight and checked - sure enough there was the mole. I called Mazie Grace inside, since she is the big huntress in the family, and showed her where the mole was..

Mazie Grace saw it hiding in the heater, and she taunted it for a few minutes, but it wouldn't come out. Maggie May was sitting a safe distance away watching, not quite sure what to do. Mazie Grace got bored rather quickly since it wouldn't run and she left the room. I retrieved her and informed her that since she brought that creature inside, she had better catch it and take it outside.

I got a yard stick and prodded the mole so it would run out of the heater. I thought at least one of the cats sitting there watching would pounce on it. But no - they just watched it run around and back under the heater. I tried again, this time it ran under Maggie May. She made no attempt to catch it and didn't seem concerned that she was sitting on it. It ran back under the heater.

By this time, I was scolding the cats, calling them lazy and useless, and threatening to cut off their food. They didn't seem to mind - they were sitting and watching me chase the mole around with the yard stick. I finally got the mole over to the front door, opened the door, and got it outside. Once it was on the porch, Mazie Grace wanted to go out and get it. No way!

I had to have a serious talk with the girls later. I reminded them that they were cats and it was their job to keep rodents out of the house, not bring them in. Do you think they listened?


Carla said...

I bet they got a kick out of watching you chase the mole around the house! :-)

Sometimes my cats release chipmunks in the house. I'm happy when I can save the little chippers and release them in the woods across the street.

Thanks for the compliment on my butterfly pics.

Kathy said...

Those girls better start earning their keep. (Who am I to talk -- Azzie isn't interested at all, ever!!).
I can't believe how much Mazie reminds me of Jezebelle.