Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Pleasures # 6 - Cooling Off in the Pool .....

It can get very hot and very humid here in Virginia. Some days we feel like we are living in a suana. That's when I grab the CD player, a big glass of iced tea, and a towel, and head out to the pool. About 60 seconds after hitting the water, I feel like the temperature has dropped at least 20 degrees. It is soooo refreshing! What could be better than floating around in the cool water, watching the clouds, and listening to Eric Clapton. Ahhh, pure heaven on earth!
The pool is just as enjoyable at night. Then, the water feels warm - like a warm bath. I can float around and look at the stars. Living in the country means we can turn off outside lights at night and if we are so inclined, we can go skinny dipping. A quick dip before bed is relaxing.
We open up the pool near the end of May and usually close it the middle of September. That gives us almost four months to enjoy the water. The pool is a major summer pleasure for us, and we're just two "older" folks with no kids.


Kathy said...

That looks heavenly!!

Lilla said...

Ahhh, your pool looks very inviting, and so blue and clear! We had a pool in Louisiana and it was a real treat to dive in on those hot, humid summer days. But no skinny dipping b/c we had neighbors right next door! Enjoy your summer pleasures.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I want to cry!