Monday, April 13, 2009

Mazie Grace was in the garden ............

This is a picture of the bleeding heart in my flower bed. I have three plants and they seem to grow several inches every day.

Yesterday I planted lettuce, radishes, carrots, onions, and 9 green pepper plants in my raised garden beds. I carefully spaced out my rows and neatly planted the seeds. That was a total waste of time, since Mazie Grace decided that the garden was her giant sand box . She got in the garden some time this afternoon and proceeded to scratch up all the rows of seed and one of my pepper plants. Instead of neat rows of each vegetable, I will probably end up with a jumbled mess of lettuce, radishes, and carrots - salad already compiled in the garden.


Kathy said...

And Mazie Grace is your cat? Isn't that special -- after all that work.
My dicentra seem to grow a few inches a day, too. If I listen carefully, I can here them all screaming at me to get out there and weed. Not feeling the urge, yet. It's still too chilly.

Gilly said...

And MY Dicentra is blooming madly now, and growing. I love the little bells.

Look forward to seeing your jumbled salad box!! ;)

Joan said...

As someone whose brown thumb is legendary, I envy your prowess in the garden. Hopefully a little of your talent will rub off on me.

Carla said...

Your bleeding heart plant is so pretty.

I have a raised bed in my backyard that I am in the process of turning into a butterfly garden. To the will always be that giant potty box in the backyard! Oh well, I'm a former pet-sitter, so scooping litter boxes is something I could do in my sleep. :-)

Good luck with your jumbled salad box.