Friday, April 10, 2009

Raised garden beds #3 .............

We spent the day working on our garden beds. This morning we had a truck load of top soil delivered. I don't know where the expression "dirt cheap" came from, but this dirt was far from cheap. That pile is $300.00 worth of plain dirt!

Hubbie went to Lowes and got some stakes to drive in the ground every three feet around the edges of the beds. He screwed these to the sides. Hopefully that will prevent the sides from bowing.

Then, it was time to start shoveling dirt into the wheelbarrow and dumping it in the beds. This was hard work! My hands, shoulders, and back are stiff and sore tonight. I would do several loads while Hubbie rested, then he would do several while I rested. The beds are almost full. Tomorrow we'll get some fertilizer and work it into the soil with the tiller, then smooth it all out.
As you can see, we still have dirt left. We need to pile some around the beds, especially where the bottoms are a bit above ground level. Then I want to use the rest on the bare areas around the beds and the shed. I'm hoping we'll be able to get grass to grow.


Kathy said...

Each time you've posted it's gotten better and better. The soil looks really healthy -- your yields should be great! Get out that pressure canner and canning jars!

Gilly said...

Those beds look fantastic! You have inspired me and we are looking to see where we can put some! If Mr. G gets around to getting the timber, etc.

Looking forward to seeing things growing there!