Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Nothing To Lose" - Lee Child ............

I bought this paperback book at Walmart one afternoon. I picked it up later that day and didn't get a thing done until I finished it the next day. It was easy to read and held my interest.

Jack Reacher is a retired Army MP who is traveling across the country, using whatever transportation he can find and carrying nothing but the clothes on his back. He arrives in Hope, Colorado and decides to take the road to Despair which is twelve miles away. However. in Despair the waitress in the only restaurant ignores him when he enters. Soon four big men tell him to leave town. When he refuses and breaks the nose of one of the men, he is put in jail for a few hours. He is then taken to the town limits and told not to return.

Reacher decides to find out what the town is hiding. With the help of a female police officer from Hope, he uncovers the secrets of Despair and the town's metal recycling plant.

The story is full of action and Reacher always manages to come out on top. This is good escapist reading.


Kathy said...

I love a good book I can get lost in! Right now I'm reading AMERICAN WIFE. It's beautifully written and I'm reluctant to put it down.

Joan said...

Escapist reading is just what I'm looking for on our long flight to London in June. Thanks for the recommendation!