Monday, January 5, 2009

"Just After Sunset" by Stephen King .....

Last night I finished reading Stephen King's newest collection of short stories, "Just After Sunset". During the Christmas holidays, I would pick it up when I had a few minutes and read one of the 13 stories.

Years ago my grandmother subscribed to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magagzine and Alfred Hitchcock's Magazine. When I vsited her I would curl up on the sofa on her screened porch and devour her old copies. Stephen King reminds me of those stories with their surprising twists and frightening themes. I think this is why I have always liked his books.

King has a vivid imagination and is a master at telling a horror story in a way that makes it seem real. These stories have a deeper meaning behind the ability to frighten. They cover a range of human emotions - longing, tenderness, regret, happiness, despair, and regret.

I can't pick one story that is my favorite. If you like Stephen King, you will not be disappointed with this collection.

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