Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Schools close for snow ?????

When I got up this morning and turned on the TV, I heard that our local schools were closing due to snow. I looked outside, but couldn't see anything white falling or on the ground. It was still dark, so maybe I needed to wait until daylight.

I went out later and looked all over the yard, on the road, and everywhere. I still couldn't find the snow. Do you see any? Wonder where it went?

The sun is out now, so I quess the snow storm is gone. I sure am glad I didn't get snowed in. I know all the kids are glad.


Anonymous said...

The snow is in Tennessee. We've had light snow for the last two days on the Cumberland Plateau. Not a lot...just a couple of inches.

Patty said...

Don't you just love this area, they always get us excited and then nothing happens.Ohhh wait..I saw a few flakes..It lasted about a minute and a half...Call the national guard...
The schools have always panicked here. What I find so funny is the way everyone stipped the shelves clean at the groceray store..Tell me this...Why do we need to buy water in the bottles for a snow storm...you can always boil the snow if its that bad..Duh

Dee said...

Here in New England, the TV weather people get themselves into a frenzy. They go outside with measuring sticks and give us hourly reports on the snow depths. Schools dismiss early or are cancelled for the day. The governor lets state employees go home early. And, oh, yes, the stores get a rush on bread and milk and shovels. Why aren't we used to snowstorms by now?
Can't wait for spring! Dee