Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mazie Grace had "The Operation" ......

Mazie Grace went to the vet yesterday to be spayed. I thought for awhile Monday night that I would have to cancel the appointment. I let her outside around 2:00 in the afternoon and she disappeared. Usually she stays on the back deck or on the front porch, but not this time. I went out several times during the afternoon and early evening and walked around the yard calling her. No sign of Mazie Grace. Finally I gave up. I cracked the screen door and back door to the garage so she would be able to come in if she came back. Around 10:00 PM I heard her crying at the door - she had finally come back. I quickly closed the doors, locking her inside, and verbally scolded her.

I left her at the vet's office at 7 AM yesterday morning and went back to pick her up at 5 PM. They said she must have been in a lot of pain after the operation, because she was crying pitifully. They finally gave her some pain medicine because thay couldn't stand to hear her crying, and suggested that I take some home to give to her for a few days. Even though it cost $40.00, I agreed to take some - I didn't want her to be in pain.

She was glad to get home and was anxious for a lot of petting. Here is a picture of her rolling around on the garage floor, basking in the attention. I put a fleece blanket on the floor for her to sleep on and left her in the garage to rest.

This morning when I went out to check on her, she was running around like nothing had happened. She is not suppose to be jumping or climbing on things for awhile, but she doesn't seem to know that.

As for the pain, I don't think she was crying at the vet's office because she was hurting. I think she was crying because she wanted out of the cage. She is very vocal when she is confined. She doesn't appear to be in pain today, so I haven't given her the pain medicine - that was $40.00 wasted.

The vet's office called to check on her this afternoon. I had to admit that she was climbing and jumping, so I was scolded for not keeping her still. The only way to stop her is to put her in the carrier. If I did that, she would probably injure herself more trying to get out of it.

As for the relationship between the two calico ladies - it has not changed. Maggie May has decided that she does not like this intruder at all. She will hiss at her whenever she sees her. I'm pretty sure that they will need to be kept apart - Maggie May will be my inside cat and Mazie Grace will be my outside cat.


Carla said...

It always amazes me that they recover so quickly from major surgery. I'm glad she's not in pain. But I think it's almost impossible to keep a cat from being too active.

BTW, my two girls (both black) absolutely despise each other! But somehow they manage to share the same small house. They just stay out of each other's way. Most of the time anyway... and they've never hurt each other.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...


I'm hoping they will learn to stay out of each other's way. They don't have to be friends, they just need to tolerate each other.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh I understand the stress totally. Our little Bon-Bon went and got a hernia after jumping too soon and had to have another operation to correct that 2 weeks later! But HOW exactly are we supposed to keep them still! I wish her a speedy recovery.