Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mazie Grace has made herself at home .......

I believe Mazie Grace has decided this is home. She slept in the garage last night. This morning I let her outside and she hasn't gone more that a dozen feet from the back door all day.

I now know how she has been surviving - I saw her jump from the deck to the railing, then to the bird feeder and grab a bird. She was so fast the bird didn't have time to react. It did manage to get away minus a bunch of feathers. She was also stalking the moles in the yard. I guess her survival instinct tells her to hunt eventhough she had a full bowl of food on the deck. I don't mind her getting the moles because they have literally torn my yard up. I do wish she would leave the birds alone. I'm sure she will become fat and lazy in no time.

I put her back in the garage for the night since it was getting cold out. Tomorrow I will call the vet and make an appointment for her to get an exam - she will need her first shots, some wormer, flea treatment, etc. Then as soon as possible, she will need to be spayed.

Maggie May and Mazie Grace have not been formally introduced yet. Anyone have any suggestions on how to introduce them to each other?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're going to give her a home.

I know they should be introduced slowly. But with cats it's always tricky. My five kitties manage to share a house peacefully...much of the time. But even after 6+ years they still hate each other. Still hissy and spitty after all these years!