Saturday, January 10, 2009

We may have been adopted ........

I looked out the window this afternoon and this is what I saw ...... there was a cat sitting in my birdfeeder waiting for lunch to arrive.

I have caught glimpses of this cat several times over the last couple of months. I have seen her in the fields hunting and have seen her around my back deck. I just assumed she belonged to a neighbor.

I decided to see if she was tame, so I went out and talked gently to her. I could tell she wanted to come to me, but was scared. I filled a bowl with a couple of spoons of food and showed it to her. She couldn't resist, she gobbled it down and began to cry for more. I gave her another full can of food and she ate it down without stopping.

After she ate, I sat and petted her for awhile. She is very affectionate, so she has been around people and was someone's pet. I left her on the porch, hoping she would go home.

It began raining later this afternoon. H looked out the back door in the garage and there was the cat - sitting in the rain, right at the door. So of course, he opened the door and let her come inside. I put a bowl of food and some water in the garage for her and showed her where the litter box is. When I checked a few minutes ago, she was curled up, asleep on a cushion.

She is a young cat, not fully grown and beneath the thick fur, she is rather thin. I think she may have been abandoned, and has been surviving on field mice and birds. There are people who will take their unwanted animals out to the countryside and drop them off to fend for themselves. You do not want to know the terrible things I would like to do to such people.

All of our pets have been castaways that found us and decided they would adopt us. We lost our two dogs - BlackJack and Charlie - last year, both due to old age. We both miss having a dog, but we've been waiting for our next canine companion to find us.

We'll let the cat, that I've tentatively named Mazie Grace, stay in the garage until the rain ends. If she doesn't go home tomorrow, I guess we have been adopted.

Maggie May has only seen her through the glass of the screen door. She doesn't know what to think of this stranger. She doesn't seem too happy that its in her garage.


Patty said...

Oh this new cat looks exactly like my calico which by the way is named Maggie May. If I didn't know better I would think this is my kitty eatting from your bowl. I hope she stays.

Nonie said...

I found your blog by a comment you left on Country Roads by Carla, my sister. I just had to tell you how funny that picture is of the cat in the bird feeder. Thanks goodness she wasn't stuck and could come down for some real kitty food.

I also think that Maggie May and I may be related..since my maiden name is May. Well, maybe we aren't related but I love her name.

I have been reading through your blogs and the green pea veggie salad is one that I use to fix. I will pull the recipe out and serve it soon. Thanks for the reminder.

I will be checking back in to see what's going on and if the kitties are getting along...because I am sure "You have been adopted".

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I checked your blog for a picture of your Maggie May and she does look like our new Mazie Grace.

Thanks for visiting my blog. When I first saw a cat in my bird feeder, I couldn't believe it. Squirrels feast there all the time, but this was the first time for a cat.

Carla said...

Ah, I see my sister has already been here. :-)

I am so glad you're helping this pretty kitty and are willing to adopt her if she's been abandoned. All five of my kitties were rescues.

You have a very attractive blog and I've enjoyed looking through it. I love your Maggie May. I'll be back. Thanks for visiting my site.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Thank-you for visiting and for the comment. I love all animals and wish I could rescue them all.
I've enjoyed your blog.

Diane said...

What a sweet story. That photo with her in the bird feeder is amazing! You are a good person!