Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fall chores and an afternoon walk ......

We had a beautiful day here in Southern Virginia with the temperature near 60. It was just too pretty to stay inside. The weather is suppose to turn colder this weekend, so I decided it was time to do some of those fall chores I've been putting off.

The frost had finally gotten the last of my flowers, so I cleaned them out of the pots and flower beds. Everything looks so bare now.

I cleaned and filled all my bird feeders. I have the feeders placed so I can easily watch the birds from my kitchen and dining room windows and also from my livingroom. Of course, Maggie May likes to watch too. She will sit and stare at the birds and chatter at them.

I took down the bug light, closed the vents to the crawl space, disconnected the garden hoses, and covered the pool filter.

I was feeling proud of myself for checking all those pesky jobs off the to do list, so I decided to treat myself to a walk through the fields. However, I found more things to add to the to do list - two trees had fallen across the path we use. I visited with the neighbor's horses, gave a treat to their dog, and checked out the groundhog burrows.

I did enjoy my walk and feel energized by the fresh air. I'm not a fan of cold weather and do not like going outside when its cold or windy, so I take advantage of every pretty day this time of year.

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