Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain, rain, rain ......

Yesterday was cloudy, but was nice and warm - in the 70s. Today it has rained and the temperature has dropped to the upper 30s. It has rained so hard today that water is sitting everywhere.

Such drastic changes in temperature makes my arthritic joints complain. As a result I haven't been very industrious today. I did get out a few Christmas decorations and put them up.

I can't seem to get very excited about the holidays. It's not my favorite time of the year. While I was working - for 35 years - I never had more than one day off for Christmas. I'd get off around 3 PM on Christmas Eve and would be back at work at 8 AM the day after Christmas. Since I didn't have children, I never asked for time off during the holidays. I felt like those with children needed the time off more than I did. As a result, I never did a lot of entertaining or celebrating. I learned to keep Christmas simple in order to keep the stress level down.

Now that I'm retired and have time to do more, I'm just not motivated. I have learned that it's not the gifts, decorations, and parties that make Christmas, it's being with the people you love and enjoying their company. My best Christmases have been the simplest ones.

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