Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where is the Sun? ......

Another cloudy, misty, damp, and cool day. This is not my kind of weather. I need the sun - preferrably with warm weather, but I'll settle for cold as long as the sun is out. I've had an almost irresistable urge all day to curl up under my furry throw and take a nap. That is not an option the week before Christmas.

I waited all morning for a young mother to come by and pick up my old Christmas tree that I posted on freecycle. She has four children under six, so I was happy to see the tree go to a home that would enjoy it.

This afternoon I went grocery shopping for the Christmas meals. We always have fried oysters on Christmas Eve, but the grocery store only had standards (I need selects) and Wal Mart didn't have any. I may have to go to Richmond to find some. One of the joys of living in such a rural area is that the local shopping is limited. The town I live near doesn't even have a grocery store. I have to drive about 15 miles to a neighboring town to buy groceries.

The tree is still standing, but has no balls or decorations on the bottom third. Maggie May really showed herself last night. She was totally wound up and was running rampart through the house. She insisted on climbing the tree. When I would get her out of it, she would get mad at me. She even tried to bite my cheek once when I picked her up. I had to put her in the garage for time out for about three hours until she calmed down.

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