Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday and an Introduction ........

Monday is my usual day for doing housework. I like to do all my weekly chores on the same day, then I can concentrate on other things the rest of the week.

So, I've spent the morning washing, scrubbing, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming. I warned you that I lead a very boring life ........

I guess I should introduce myself to you. I am a 60 something retiree from a job in financial services. I retired five years ago to care for my aging parents, who live nearby. My Mom died not long after my retirement, but my Dad is still living. I am married to a wonderful guy - H. We have no children (by choice), but have a very spoiled cat - Maggie May. We live in a rural area - 5 miles outside a small town - on 35 acres of beautiful land. I have lived in this area all my life and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

After living the corporate life for 35 years, I'm enjoying retirement. H is still working, so I've taken over all the yard and garden work. I enjoy getting outside and doing physical work. I've been trying to catch up on all those home projects that I put off for years.

I like to read - my home is overrun with books. There is always a book lying around that I'm reading. I am curious and like to explore a wide range of subjects and ideas.

About a year ago, I discovered blogs. There are quite a few from around the world that I read regularly. While I have only been a lurker, I feel like I have come to know these people and they are my friends. While I may not have much of interest to offer to my readers, You are invited to join me and be my cyber friend.

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Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Well hello and thank you for de-lurking in my blog, so I now get to meet you.

We share quite a few similarities, retirement from the corporate world, no children from choice and cats who are our kiddies :-) and a love of books.

It's great to meet you and I will be lurking now!