Sunday, December 14, 2008

The tree is up ......

We got our Christmas tree up today. We got the tree out and I started putting it together - it's the kind you have to attach each branch to the trunk. I was only half way through when I started complaining that I still had to get lights on it before I could do the fun part of putting on the decorations.

We had talked about getting a slim prelit tree for the last few years, so H and I decided we were going to the hardware store in a neighboring town to see if they had one in stock. They had one on sale, so we bought it and brought it home. I took the old one down and boxed it up to put on freecycle. The new one was up and decorated in no time.

The slim line works so much better in my crowded and tiny house.

Maggie May ran and hid under the bed when we got the first one out and just ventured back into the livingroom. She is giving that tree some very cautious looks. She doesn't know if its safe or if it will get her.

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